Meet Taryn Gindt, Real Estate Agent

Meet Chauncey Hilliard, Realtor®

With 15 years of full-service experience, real estate is not only my passion, but also my way of life. I began working in real estate because of my father, who was a general contractor. He was responsible for providing all the material, labor, equipment, and services necessary for the construction of home projects. Taking an interest in the relationship my father built with real estate agents, I decided I wanted to help people achieve their dreams, but not exactly in the same manner as my father did. I enrolled in real estate courses and became licensed as a broker in SC and NC.

I have been working faithfully alongside my clients to witness their delight in buying the property of their dreams. My zeal in making someone’s vision come to life and starting a new beginning with their family in the home they imagined is what inspires and motivates me from day to day. Once I am given insight into what the client wants, I search for those specifics.

My commitment is to consistent genuine customer service and because of that, I am always there. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing to me. Word-of-mouth and authentic testimonials are a gem that cannot be bought.

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